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Oct 13, 2012 8:30pm PDT
looked at properties that are zoned m-1 and they don't encourage industrial use, one is on carol avenue, that's below hunter's point and although it's zoned m-1, it's in the fema flood zone, it has nothing there except for a [inaudible] scale, so it needs everything in materials of -- terms of being able to use it, the use of this property at carol avenue is not compatible with the hunter's point project, another one is a 3.7 acre property there's also other buildings which need demolition and construction, in addition, the property is across the street from residential homes. other properties that have been rezoned so they're no longer industrial or light industrial such as mission bay, portions of the southeast waterfront and then the port properties which are as the port knows very challenging because they have state trust which allows commerce navigation, fisheries and open space, so in order for the mta to take over a port parcel for a long term use, we would need to find other property and exchange it with a port which requires not only city approvals but also the state's land co
Oct 13, 2012 8:45pm EDT
the decade so i call carol anderson. carol anderson lost her son richard in a helicopter accident. i called her on the phone and as i did all the mothers who wrote in the book who lost sons and i said carol my name is joshua and i would like to talk to you about richard. are you selling t-shirts? no maam, and from the nail academy class of 2002 and i'm on the board of trustees and i have an important project i'd like to talk to about. this is not about switchers. i don't want to talk to the naval academy. she was actually torn at the time. she was suffering about her son's loss and she hadn't been reached out to buy the academy family and we could do better. i said maam we are writing a book to honor richard. are classmates, over 100, 33 will make the cut and we would like to hear your voice. do it for richard and do it for those who been. a few weeks ago after we sold our first printing, i received an e-mail from her. my name is carol anderson and i receive my copy of "in the shadow of greatness" late yesterday and just finished reading it. i spent much of the right -- night and couldn't p
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
eher carol, piensan que es el hombre desaparecido y los llevó hasta el lu7gar que estaba en sospecha de homicidio. >> por comportarse de una manera inaporopiada dejó a muchos estudiantes incredulos. >> desde afuera parece ser un viernes tipico, pero dentro el cuerpo estudiantil y los profesores se ven distraidos por la noticias. >> la señora rebeca arrestada ayer, según estudiantes es maestra de ingkés y teatro. >> el día dedora 10 de septimbre dicen que se había insinuado a un jkoven y el fiscal del condado emitió una orden, ella se entregó a la policía. >> es común que colaboren de esta manera para avanzar la investigación, agregó que algunos de los actos inapropiados fueron por teléfono. >> este padre está molesot por la confianza que le netregó a la escuela. >> y le comento que un grupo de personas se reunieron en transportes león porque alegan que las encomiendas nunca llegaron, debía llegar hasta el salvador y ahora recolectan firmas para demandar. >> es justo que nos entreguen esas cjas, lo que les hemos pagados, que sean justo. >> nuestro equipo de univisión i
Oct 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
states could do that. excuse me, carole. >> thank you. mr. perot? >> well, it's cost effective to help russia succeed in its revolution. pennies on the dollar compared to going back to cold war. russia's still very unstable; they could go back to square one and worse. still, all the nuclear weapons are not dismantled. i'm particularly concerned about the intercontinental weapons; the ones that can hit us. we've got agreements but they're still there. with all this instability and breaking in the republics, and all the middle eastern countries going over there shopping for weapons, we've got our work cut out for us so we need to stay right on top of that and constructively help them move toward democracy and capitalism. we have to have money to do that. we have to have our people at work. see, for 45 years we were preoccupied with the red army. i suggest now that our no. 1 preoccupation is red ink in our country, and we've got to put our people back to work, so that we can afford to do these things we want to do in russia. we cannot be the policemen for the world any longer. we spent $3
Oct 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, heather carol. they found the body inside the home of this man, held on murder charges after a standoff that ended this morning. a hollister mother reported missing wednesday when she didn't peck up her son from school. the suspects told officers where to find her body after the interview. the standoff began friday, police on the way to interview him. he was suicidal and armed. he refused to come out for ten hour. finally surrendering early this morning. >> if you lived in south bay, you will soon dial differently adding extra numbers when you make a call. part of the santa clara county plan to provide new phone numbers for the growing population. one week from today callers will dial, 1, area code, and the number, even if calling another 408 number. on november 20th, a new, 669 area coden tro eintroduced. customers that change their service may be assigned the new area code. >>> turning to "decision 2012" two ballot measures designed to raise taxes to help state schools at the center of a statewide debate. voters decide the outcome of the propositions. the head of the california school
Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-old heather carol. she's been missing since wednesday after dropping her her 5-year-old child at school. police questioned him about carroll address disappearance. when they arrived at his house, they were told he was armed and ended up in the stand-off for hours. he surgeoned early this morning and police say he told them that carroll died after they got into an argument. >>> there are two propositions on a california ballot that will raise taxes. one directly helps schools and the other has broader goals. and there's plenty of controversy with both of them. today the head of california schools weighed in on both of them. kimberly terry has a look at both propositions and what would happen if both passed. kimberly? >> reporter: it seems one thing most people can agree on is that public funding or public education desperately needs funding. how to get it? that's where the controversy comes in. let's take a closer look at what each measure is. prop 30 is a 7-year plan. it would raise income tax for californians making $250,000 or more a year. by 3%. it would also raise the sales tax by a
Oct 14, 2012 3:30pm PDT
that everyone loved. she was dynamic, she was loving. >> reporter: george carol's wife was getting what she thought was a routine steroid injection for back pain and it killed her. it turns out the company that compounded the drug -- in 2002 and 2003, the f -- in 2004 a man died from a contaminated injection, necc settled the lawsuit. in 2006, the fda issued a warning left for necc to stop marketing the cream. they produced thousands of doses of the steroid. >> when was the last time either the food and drug administration or the massachusetts board of pharmacy were visiting this business and looking carefully at what they were doing. we already know that they had had a history of problems, was anyone following up with that? >> reporter: this is by no means the first time safety concerns have been raised about these specialized compounding pharmacies. since 2004, the fda has issued 49 warning letters to compounding pharmacies around the country for significant safety violations. and at least 19 previous deaths may be associated with drugs from these pharmacies. the fda says it has some auth
Oct 13, 2012 10:45pm EDT
, and governor bill clinton, the democratic nominee. my name is carole simpson and i will be the moderator for tonight's 90 minutes' debate coming to you from the campus of the university of richmond in virginia. >> tonight's program is unlike any other presidential debate in history -- we're making history now and it's pretty exciting. an independent polling firm has selected an audience of 209 uncommitted voters from this area. the candidates will be asked questions by these voters on a topic of their choosing -- anything they want to ask about. my job as moderator is to, you know, take care of the questioning, ask questions myself if i think there needs to be continuity and balance, and sometimes i might ask the candidates to respond to what another candidate may have said. now the format has been agreed to by representatives of both the republican and democratic campaigns. and there is no subject matter that is restricted -- anything goes, we can ask anything. after the debate, the candidates will have an opportunity to make a closing statement. so, president bush, i think you said it
Oct 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
in a border battle, and the hoakies make a come back. sdl good sunday morning, i'm carol maloney, we begin with college football. maryland visiting virginia, the terps get a big boost by stephan digs. maryland wins and improves to 4-2. >> and virginia tech hosting duke after trailing 20-0. they score 41 unanswered points capped off by this 86-yard touchdown run. he rushes for 183 yards. hoakies improve to 4-3 on the system, and all eyes on robert griffin iii today after suffering a concussion last week. he there have to be cleared by doctors one more time. he playing on playing the same aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. >> i'm a tough guy, i kept that promise, and i don't have anything to prove. it's about getting the yards, and live to play another down. >> redskins and vikings kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. >>> the nationals disappointing finish hit one fan especially hard. he was alive the last time they had a series. he attened the 19246 world series when the senators defeated the giants. he says he really likes the nationals squad and really believes the
Oct 14, 2012 5:40am EDT
respect, i'm sorry. bush: excuse me, i don't want to -- i don't want to, no go ahead carole. >> governor clinton. >> i get wound up because i feel strongly --- >> yes you do. >> let me say, first of all, to you that i believe so strongly in the question you ask that i suggested this format tonight. i started doing these formats a year ago in new hampshire. and i found that we had huge crowds because all i did was let people ask questions and i tried to give very specific answers. i also had a program starting last year. i've been disturbed by the tone and the tenor of this campaign. thank goodness the networks have a fact check so i don't have to just go blue in the face anymore. mr. bush said once again tonight i was going to have a $150 billion tax increase. when mr. quayle said that all the networks said, "that's not true. he's got over $100 billion of tax cuts and incentives." so i'm not going to take up your time tonight. but let me just say this. we'll have a debate in four days and we can talk about this character thing again. but the washington post ran a long editorial today sa
Oct 14, 2012 11:00am EDT
born women ming ton, delaware, 59 years of age, wife carol and three children. republican. roman catholic. gettysburg college ba. georgetown university, m.d. and georgetown university medical school, associate professor, ten years. george washington university, clinical professor of neurology, ten years. 14 books, including most recently mysteries of the mind. richard martin restak. >> dr. restak, you have had quite an extraordinary career. first of all, you taught at georgetown. >> yes. >> then you abandoned the jesuits or did they dump you? then you moved over to g.w. >> yes. >> do you still teach inta at georgetown? >> i'm in the faculty but spend most of my time at g.w. >> okay. i have that number, by the way, and england and wales, out of every millionth person born alive in 1880, only 223 could expect to be alive 100 years later. 1880. so that's 112 years from now. 110, about that. for those born in 1990, out of one million people, 8,710 can expect to be alive 100 years later, 40 times greater. infants born in 2025 can expect to live 100 years. >> well, we should have cance
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
back. >> carol maloney has the highlights. >> good sunday morning, we begin with college football, a border battle. the terps get a big boost in a 100 yard opening quick off return. maryland wins 27-20 to improve to 4-2. virginia drops to 2-5. in blacksburg, after trailing 20-0, they score 41 unanswered points capped off by this touchdown run by coleman. virginia tech wins 4 1-20. and today at fedex field, all eyes on robert griffin iii as the redskins host the vikings. he suffered a concussion in last week wees game. he plans on playing the same aggressive style of football but will keep his safety in mind. i promised i would get up from hits like that and i got up, so i don't have anything to prove. if you to live to play another down, then you live to play another down. >> they kick off at 4:15 this afternoon. >> hope your sunday a good one. >> thanks. plenty of national fans were disappointing when the team's stunning collapsed happen, but one man was especially heart broken. he is 99 years old, and he was there the last time they were in a world series. he says he really like
Oct 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
linked to a national tennessee clinic and that's where 70-year-old carol whitten was a patient. >> i was miserable. it wasn't my back and my leg. it was just sharp pains. my head was just hurt. >> the medication made by a pharmacy in massachusetts has since been recalled. >>> with three weeks left until election day and the next presidential debate scheduled for tuesday, the candidates continue to chip away in battleground states. president obama is in virginia while mitt romney is courting votes in ohio. ken molestina reports on the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the romney ticket hit the groundhard in ohio. v.p. candidate paul ryan spent the day chumming it up with supporters at a tailgate. while mitt romney led another rally in what is being described as a must-win state. >> i'm counting on you. let's make it happen. >> reporter: governor romney went before scores of his supporters and criticized president obama saying he wasn't cracking down on unfair trade practices by china negatively affecting the american job market. >> i want to make sure when people cheat, whe
Oct 14, 2012 2:00pm EDT
chairman carol eisa. -- daryl isa. >> yesterday made a significant press announcement. the documents in that book all indicate unclassified. are you prepared to deliver those documents to us at this time? >> my understanding is that we made an information available last night and this morning. that material is still here and we would be glad to meet with committee or staff afterwards. >> no, we want it for this hearing. the information was not classified. it was perhaps embarrassing. can you make that available at this time? >> mr. chairman, the individual pieces may be classified, but the totality must be considered to be restricted. the context is important. >> i agree with you. with that, i now move that the unclassified document of september 11, 2012, appearing above the signature of the ambassador, to place in the record. without objection, so ordered, the staff will distribute it. additionally, i move that the document of march 28, 2012, replaced in the record without objection. so ordered. additionally, and these will have to be printed, the document of august 2, 2012, from th
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)